The Tasting Menu at MECHA UMA


Mecha Uma is one of Chef Bruce Ricketts brainchild in town together with The Moment Group (aside from OOMA which I have featured in my previous blog). It is hidden in the ground floor of the RCBC Building in BGC, The Fort.

Even if the area does not have much foot traffic, reservation is a must because the place can only accommodate at most 30 people.

We tried the Tasting Menu. It is an 8-course meal, all of which have been chosen and prepared by Chef Bruce himself. They can accommodate up to 10 people per batch (There’s one batch at 6pm and another at 8pm).


This was my first degustation experience so I was very excited!


Each of the items in the menu is explained further by Chef Bruce as they get served.


The Momo is ‘silken chocolate, sake, earl grey and hana hojiso’. This was like eating a mojito.


The Tostadito is ‘scallop, pico de gallo and scallop and mussel crema’. I wanted to eat more of this! It was absolutely bursting with flavors. The ‘taco’ was like fish crackers. If I remember correctly, it was really made from fish skin.


The Lobster is ‘fish skin, citrus, plantains, scorched coconut leche de tigre and mung bean’. This was one of the most memorable ones. The lobster and fish was fresh.


The Amadai is ‘japanese tilefish, crab, asparagus, sauce of asparagus’. I liked this one too. The fish had the right crisp to it and the asparagus complemented it well.


The Pigeon is ‘watermelon, avocado, pigeon flakes, duck liver and peppercorn’. This looked more like an artwork than a meal to me. According to the chef, the watermelon was dehydrated to achieve a consistency similar to the flesh of the pigeon.


The menu simply said Rice but this was served with chunky cold cuts of Sashimi. The warm rice eaten with the fish was like a light comfort food.


Matsusaka Gyu had ‘potato, intestines, snails and cabrales’. IT WAS WAGYU! OMG. The beef was just heavenly!


For dessert, we had the Longan which was basically coconut and curd with lavender and olive oil. It tasted like lychee soup.

Truth be told, I didn’t expect to be full because the servings were quite small. But lo, I was very much satisfied after the tasting menu experience. I’m not sure if it’s because I was really full or because each dish was totally bursting with flavor. I have found a new appreciation for culinary arts. Each dish had the ability to make you forget the previous one (briefly). The thought put in to each dish, and the methods used to re-create/re-imagine food is amazing.


According the Chef Bruce, he comes up only with whatever is available or what is sent to him from Japan. Talk about resourcefulness.


The place is perfect for a romantic date or an anniversary celebration. There are no drinks included in the tasting menu but feel free to order from their selection of Japanese alcohol and wine.

Mecha Uma is definitely one for the books.


25th Street  RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Tel no. 801 2770

Open Daily Except Tuesdays



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