Japanese Wagyu Beef, Makati


There’s a hidden gem in the old Sunvar Plaza in Makati and it’s called Japanese Wagyu Beef.

YES! If you love steak, and you love your steak really really really really fatty and soft, then you must try this hole-in-the-wall that serves Japanese Steak like as it should be.



The Pork Cold Shabu Salad (Php560) is basically bacon salad. Its their best selling salad according to our waitress. The sesame sauce complemented the pork well. There’s another salad exactly like this only with Wagyu steak toppings but since we’ll be having steaks later already, I suggested we get this one.




This one is called the Seiro Sirloin(Php1150/100g) which is thinly sliced sirloin steamed and topped on vegetables. It was the first time I have ever tried steamed steak and it was GOOD. The. It’s best eaten when hot and dipped in their sauces.

*You can choose between OMI and SAGA/KAGOSHIMA Beef. OMI is slightly more oily than SAGA/KAGOSHIMA and a little more expensive but according to the waitress, they should taste the same. 


Stone Grilled Sirloin(Php1150/100g)! This was heavenly. You can see how well the steak is marbled. It takes no effort to chew on this at all. It’s not super buttery like the Saikoro steak in Seryna BUT this one is flavorful too and the firmess of the meat is just right.



The Chateubriand (Php1460/100g) is the center part of the tenderloin. This was less fatty compared to the Sirloin, but much much more packed with that meaty flavor all steak lovers want!

If you want a different flavor, they provide a variety of salts – plum salt, lime salt, and salt and pepper. I personally prefer the plum salt because it’s a little sweet.


The steaks go well with their Jako Rice(Php1). It tastes like burnt rice that gets stuck in the rice cooker with seaweed, but trust me, it’s good.


The place is really small so it’s always a good idea to make a reservation. Try to reserve a table on the first floor because the second floor is more cramped and dim.


The servers are really nice and accommodating.

They serve complimentary water and tea but you can also opt to order Japanese beer and wine.

If you want to take home some raw steak, they sell them too.


A photo op with the restaurant’s owner.


I’m so happy we celebrated our 11th month together here! It’s laid back, quiet and the food was great!

Japanese Wagyu Beef is located at

G-20 Sunvar Plaza, 156 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

For reservations call (02) 8089508



They have a branch in Burgos Circle now. It’s bigger and fancier but they charge higher for the same food (probably because of the rent).


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