My Styling for the 2015 Star Magic Ball , Marco Polo Manila

PROFILE1My mom almost did not approve of my look for the ball. It was a little bit more daring than what I am used to, but its always nice to make a change and I felt that this was a venue where I can play around and have fun with my look.

Hype this look here!



I went for a more sultry look today with smokey eyes and dark lips. My make up artist Tor Torre did my make up for the very first commercial I did a few years back and then he did my make up again for The Missing Piece. I had no doubt Tor would be able to pull it off on me. Its the first time I parted my hair in the center too (thanks to Jhay Borado), and I cant believe it actually looked good. Maybe I’ll do this more often.


I loved my Greek-inspired gown in champagne. It was really comfortable and flowed with every movement I make. I was grateful to Mikee who created this gown in only a little more than a week in spite of his busy schedule. That gorgeous pair of shoes is from Roberto Fabiani. Ken Batino provided my accessories for the night.



Over all, I loved my look. It was very different from what I’m used to but it worked. So don’t be afraid to experiment! Have fun a little and work it!

See below for more photos



Make up by Tor Torre

Hair by Jhay Borado

Gown by Mikee Andrei

Styling by Ken Batino


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