No-Make Up Make Up


We know it’s always best to let our skin breathe and do without layers of powders and foundation on. But there are some days where I feel like the walking dead and I just need a little dash of fairy dust to feel prettier. This post will show you my VERY easy make up routine to get that very natural look.

  1. Start off with a clean slate. I wash my face, tone and then moisturize it and let it the skin absorb it for a minute or two.

Bareface    2. Even out the skin. There are TONS of products in the market nowadays that can help you with this such as BB Creams and Tinted moisturizers. I personally either one of these. The one on the right is the Estee Lauder Brilliant White Cells. This has a kind of illuminating effect which makes your skin more soft and fine. For today though, I’ll be using my Maybelline SuperMineral24 with Perlite mixed with my Kiehl’s moisturizer. You can use any foundation and moisturizer you want. It works like a tinted moisturizer but I can control the coverage/sheerness of it depending on the weather, skin condition and my mood. On days when I feel like life is beautiful and my skin is perfect, I can forgo this step.


FondationAndMoisturizer SpreadFoundation

~~~I also use concealer when my under eye feels extra dark. I like Naturactor and Kryolan concealers because of their coverage. I just literally press (not smear) the product using the pad of my ring finger and it’s enough for both under eyes.~


3. Blush. Blushers help us look more youthful and blooming. I prefer to use this cheek tint from The Body Shop or this cute cream blush from The Face Shop.



~Spread them well!~

4. Eyebrows. Eyebrows are important because they frame the face. To look natural though, I make sure to keep them neat and shaped appropriately. And then I just try to fill in some gaps especially at the outer end of my brows. I got this one from The Face Shop.


5. Curl your lashes and use mascara. This easily brightens up the eyes. My eyelash curler is from Shiseido. I think the shape of this curler is best for monolids. I love Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara.



6. Lipstick! Lastly, don’t forget to color your lips. For a natural look, I will use pink now. I like playing around with my lip color though depending on my mood. I usually find myself in a dark shade of red or hot pink. For this one, I’m using the Yadah Lip Crayon from Beauty Bar.



Here’s my final look!

Ready2 Ready1

Easy right? What do you think? Let me know through your comments!

~If you have any topic you’re curious about or anything you want me to feature in this blog, please let me know my commenting here or sending me an email! I appreciate all your thoughts!~


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