Here’s another one for steak lovers out there! And for the romantics too! Jeff and I celebrated our first anniversary *squeals* last week at Sage Bespoke Grill in Shangri-La Makati. Before I get to the cheesy stuff, let me show you the food first ^__^ They have a nice selection of appetizers and steaks. They served a complimentary bread while we were waiting for our appetizers.


We both had soup. Mine was French Onion Soup (Php280 + 10% Service Charge). I liked how perfectly toasted the cheese was. This is the first onion soup I tried too that got the bread inside just right – not too soggy even if I didn’t eat it right away.

DSCF5321The Lobster Bisque Soup (Php450 + 10% Service Charge) that Jeff had was quite tasty too. It’s shrimpy taste was not as overwhelming as the seafood bisque we had in The Lighthouse Marina.


Next we had the Shrimp Cocktail (Php616 + 10% Service Charge). It had 5 BIG shrimps on this big margarita glass that contained the tomato paste for dipping. The shrimp was very firm and fresh.



For the main course, we both decided to get steak. Their main courses are available in three sizes.


The steaks are supposedly cooked in a Josper Grill which is like a hybrid grill and oven to make sure the steaks are cooked to perfection.

I had the small Tenderloin (Php1705 + 10% Service Charge) which is already 200g. I had it cooked medium-rare.

SAGE_Tenderloin1 SAGE_Tenderloin2 SAGE_Tenderloin3

At first the steak looked really small beside the side dishes I got which were the creamy spinach and potato gnocchi. I don’t recommend getting the gnocchi because there’s not much flavor but the creamy spinach was delicious. Do not be fooled by this steak. It’s super thick. I almost was not able to finish it. It was really soft and east to cut.

Jeff had the Prime Ribeye (Php2890 + 10% Service Charge) at 400g. It was soooo big! (for the asian tummy at least). Jeff got it cooked medium-well.



It was juicy and cooked perfectly, as promised. He had the grilled asparagus and potato gratin as side dish. This would have been enough for the both of us, honestly. The steak, flavor-wise was okay. Truth be told, it didn’t have that super beefy taste I was expecting but they were cooked perfectly and were not too smothered with salt and pepper.

We had the steak with a glass of Merlot (Php425 + 10% Service Charge) each. They have a lot of wines available. Make sure to ask the waiters for their wine menu. They have a cheese selection available too if you’re in to that.

If you want a little extra to your steak, you can add some mustard available in three varieties. They one in the middle tasted almost like wasabi. The one on the right was a little grainy and fruity.


The ambiance was very romantic and quiet. The window occupies the whole wall giving everyone a full view of the green trees outside contrasting Ayala Avenue


After dinner, they served us a congratulatory chocolate cake. We didn’t eat it anymore because we were so full but I took it home and every bite I had of it even after a few days was heavenly.


Here are more photos of us!


I’m so ready for you!


Doesn’t he look dashing? ME SO LUCKY~LAAAAAA.  SAGE_JEFF1

The wine collection.

My favorite flowers!


I tried. lol.


Sage is a great place to dine with your special someone because of romantic ambiance and highly satisfactory food they serve. The staff is also very attentive and helpful. If you’re not sure what you want’ you can ask them to give you a more detailed description of their food.

SAGE is at

Level 2 Shangri La Hotel

Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Tel. No. 02 814 2580


Website here.

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday

Breakfast 7:00am – 10:00am, Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm, Dinner 6:00pm – 10:30pm 

Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm, Dinner 6:00pm- 10:30pm


Brunch 11:00am to 2:00pm, Dinner 6:00pm -10:30pm


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