How to Fix Broken Make Up


I recently broke my favorite highlighter, which is the Mary-Lou Manizer from the Balm, and I was so annoyed because I haven’t even used it half way yet. I kept on using it like this for a while but it’s a little hassle to have to be extra careful when opening the case. Not to mention, the powder just gets everywhere. If this has ever happened to you… FRET NOT! I have found a way to get your make-up back to it’s NOT CRUMBLY state, and it’s easier than you think. *wink*

You only need the following: a bobby pin, alcohol, tissue, and something hard that is roughly the same size as the case of your make up (you’ll see why in a while).

STEP 1. Gently pulverize the make up (even more) using your bobby pin.

Do it really gently to avoid making a mess. Keep on doing it until you think it’s as fine as you can get. This will let you get a finer finish.

Step1 step1b step1c

STEP 2. Drop or Spray on Alcohol on your make up.

I used a regular 40% Isopropyl Alochol and just carefully dropped the liquid to make sure it all gets wet but not super soaked.

step2 step2b

STEP 3. Press the Powder Back to It’s Original Shape.

To press the wet powder, I used the container of my cayenne pepper, covered it with tissue and gently pressed on the powder. You can get creative with what tools you can use to press your make up. I’ve seen some use coins, bottle caps and other stuff. Don’t be sad if a little of the product sticks to the tissue. That’s a little sacrifice for a nicer, cleaner and non-crumbling pressed powder. LOL.

step3 step3b step3c

STEP 4. Wait for it to dry…… and VOILA! It’s all in one piece!


When I first saw this online, I doubted whether it would work on my Mary-Lou Manizer because this highlighter seems to be a little grittier than other pressed powders. But lo and behold, it worked perfectly! The alcohol did not seem to affect the color or pigment I get from it too!


So the next time your make up falls and crumbles, don’t lose hope. No need to buy another immediately. A little alcohol, bobby pin and creativity can do the trick 😉

Hope this tutorial helps you!

Til next time.




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