Lime Crime Velvetines in Riot [REVIEW]


Liquid Matte lipsticks are all the rage nowadays (all thanks to King Kylie). Almost all cosmetic companies are coming up with their own version. I remember using a few from NYX, but now, some products claim to be smudge-proof. The most popular ones seem to be from Lime Crime and LA Splash.

Lipsticks are definitely my weapon of choice, especially when they’re in Red. So I’m exceptionally excited to finally try out my first (yes, first) smudge-proof liquid matte lipstick and it is one of Lime Crime’s most popular shades from their Velvetines Collection, RIOT.


OH! This lippie smells sooo good! It reminds me of red velvet cupcakes! (Is that why the line is called Velvetines?)

It comes with an applicator. The applicator is quite small and rounded. There’s a tendency to get more product than you actually need though even if it’s small. So be careful because you really don’t need a lot. I saw some make up artists online use a lip brush on the applicator and use that to put it on their lips just to be more precise.

Take note that the more product you put, the longer it takes to dry. In this case, less is more.


Here’s a swatch of RIOT. Lime Crime Velvetines has 19 shades but Riot is one of the most wearable ones. It’s described as Marsala but depending on your skin tone, it can look pink, brick red or brown.

I would say the price a little on the high end. In their website (click here) it’s around $20 each plus tax and shipping. Some online shops sell it in my country for about Php1300 each or around $28.


*Striking a pose while waiting for it to dry*

It took around 2 minutes for it to completely dry. It felt almost tight. I heard that this is actually one of the comfier ones. I can’t imagine how the other brands feel like because at this point, I can really feel how tight it is along the lines on my lips. *I did forget about it after a while.*

It is recommended to exfoliate the lips first before applying so it won’t look flaky.

DO NOT PUT OVER A MOISTURIZER. Not petroleum Jelly. Not Lip Balm. No Nothing! It will not dry.


One of the things that attracted me to this is how everyone keeps on saying it’s smudge-proof (or kiss-proof or whatever you want to call it). If you’ve EVER worn lipstick you know how frustrating it is when you just get lipstick everywhere even if you don’t mean to. I can’t count how many times I’ve stained my clothes while changing or how color just transfers to glasses I drink from.

So as soon as it dried, I tried kissing the back of my hand just to see if it would transfer. As you can see, the back of my hand is quite clean! *YAY*

Sometimes though, my saliva would get on my lips (we’re friends that’s why I tell you this) and apparently, Lime Crime Velvetines is not water-proof. When it gets wet and touches a surface, it will stain a bit. I think it has something to do with how much product you actually use too, so again, it’s best to apply it as thin as possible.  *Does it make me sound ignorant for assuming it will be water-proof because people have been saying it is smudge-proof and looooooong wearing?


I wore it for over 5 hours and yes, it is loooong wearing if you’re careful. It will fade if you start eating and drinking (because it’s not completely water-proof or grease-proof. lol.) If you’re not around greasy stuff, it will stay very long and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting lipstick everywhere.

Even if it does fade though, it will leave a very faint hint of color pretty much the same way korean lippies stain on the lips. I had to use a make up remover to completely erase the product from my face.



smells good

dries quickly

long wearing


not water-proof

 kind of pricey

very drying

Overall I like this product. I can see why everyone wants this in their make up stash. I did hear that it dries quickly because of some ingredient they put there so it’s best to consume everything within a year.

LiQUID MATTE LIPPIES FTW! I feel like I just found my new bestfriend. It is a little pricey though. I heard that it’s best dupe is from the LA Spash Couture line so I think I’ll be trying that out soon.

What do you think about the Velvetines? Like em? Hate em? Comment down below!

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

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PS. Drugstore Brand Maybelline just launched it’s own liquid lipstick so I’ll be trying it out as well.

P.P.S. If you want me to try out other products, please share them on the comment section and I will do my best to get it and review just for you!


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