BENEFIT Life Of The Party [REVIEW]


I’ve been super curious about Benefit for a while now. I’ve never really bought anything from the brand up until now because.. I’m not sure. I have my “comfort brands” if you know what I mean so I often just reach for that.I had my make up done for an acting stint recently and the make up artist used one of Benefit’s boxed powders. Then a sudden flood of memories about how much I loved Benefit’s foundation and blushes on me (done by a different make up artist eons ago). And because I feel like some of my make up need to be replaced now, I decided to go to our local Benefit store and try out a few stuff.

It just so happened that Benefit just released a new limited edition “full face” kit for the holidays  and it’s called “LIFE OF THE PARTY”.



Benefit seems to release tons of kits featuring various of their products in smaller quantities and Life of the Party(Php2000/kit or $36) is one of them. It did say ‘full face make up kit’ but I doubt you can actually do a full face here unless you’re a ‘less is more’ kind of person and you have perfect skin. There are five beauty products inside. Let me go through them one by one.


1.) The POREfessional Pro Balm (7.5 mL)

I really like this primer. A little goes a long way. It does not feel sticky or greasy at all. It does have a little color when it comes out of the tube but trust me it will be translucent when you apply it on your skin. I actually wanted to get one of these before but at the time, Maybelline just came out with ‘Baby Skin’ primer which had great reviews and was much much less expensive so I got that one instead. This is a little version but the regular sized one is 22mL and costs about $31.



2. Blushes in Dandelion and Rockateur (2.25g each)

The color pay off honestly isn’t much. They’re kind of fine and glittery which you may or may not like. Personally I like it because it gives me a healthy glow. The Dandelion (the pinky shade on the left) will probably not even show on  darker toned skins BUT it will surely give a dewey effect. The Rockateur (on the right) is suppose to be a bronzer but it seems to be more like an orange-y blush. I used this I kind of just swirled the two of them together. I couldn’t tell exactly what kind of color it made on my skin, but again.. it will give you a really nice glow.


It came with this small brush which I really love. It picks up color effectively and I’ve used this for contouring on the hollows of my cheeks and my nose line. I’m thinking of getting the HOOLA boxed powder just to get the regular sized one of this brush as soon as I finish my Bahama Mama contour powder.



3. EYE SHADOWS in Call My Buff, Nude Swings, Taupe It Off (1.2g)

These nude colors are actually beautiful and flattering on the skin. They’re not loud and just like the blushes, they give a nice youthful glow. Call My Buff is definitely a highlighter. Nude Swings is a beautiful champagne color while Taupe It Off is a perfect color for the Fall. It’s like a tame silver-ish grey-ish that I can’t explain. To get the color in, I suggest you use a tapping motion to apply it instead of rubbing. It does come with an applicator.



I noticed also how nice the powders smell. The scent is quite girly and delicate.

*Note: I just found out that you can’t find these shades in any other palette from Benefit.



Benetint is the first product Benefit came up with. It’s a lip and cheek tint that smells like a bed of roses. As a blusher, it is easy to blend and comes off really natural on the skin. As a liptint, it tends to concentrate on the center of the lips but I like how it’s not sticky at all. The regular sized one which is 12.5mL  costs around $30 and is said to last a year.



5.) THEY’RE REAL! Mascara (3g)

I’ve always been a Maybelline Mascara user but I think I just got converted. This mascara is AMAZING. I love the formula because it lasts a long time and is really waterproof. It didn’t leave any black flaky stuff on my face. The separation of my lashes was also wonderful.  My lashes became really thick and long but also natural looking at the same time (BENEFIT! HOW DO YOU DO IT?!)



It also came with a guide on how to use the products.


This kit is definitely NOT a full face make up kit unless you’re aiming for a ‘natural-look’ and you’re okay with no concealer or foundation on to even out your face.


The kit felt incomplete so I got myself one of their HELLO FLAWLESS OXYGEN WOW in Ivory(Php1900/30mL or $36). 


Ivory is actually their lightest shade and in reality I am two shades darker than this one. But since I am acidic and it will oxidize, the Benefit Personnel recommended this shade and it was just perfect. (Note: I am an NC30 shade but I use NC20).B_Pump

I love the packaging especially the pump because it’s less messy and helps me control how much product I am dispensing from the container.

GUYS. THIS IS MY FOUNDATION.I NEVER WANT TO USE ANYTHING ELSE (for now). The formula is just right for me. It was a little runny but it didn’t feel greasy at all. It literally feels like nothing once it dries on the skin but it does give a decent coverage that is only a bit better than tinted moisturizers. It is definitely buildable though and has a loooong lasting power. I used this during a taping for a talk show where I had to walk around a lot for hours and it did not budge at all. Not to mention it has SPA 25++.

 I would recommend this for everyday use and for people with not-so-problematic skin. THIS IS PERFCT THOUGH!!! I REALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ONE.

I was so happy to find this free 15 hour Flawless Primer inside the box. I’l use it soon.



I also got a powder for retouching which is the POREfessional AGENT ZERO SHINE (Php1600/7g or $30)


I’m not sure if I regret getting this though because it is a little expensive for a mattifying powder but it does work and I love the packaging. It comes with an attached brush so it’s convenient to take this for when I need some touch ups. I’m not really oily so I just apply powder on my T-Zone.


Here’s how I looked like when I was walking around Baguio City, Philippines for a show. it has probably been around 7 hours already since application. I used the Balm’s Bahama Mama to contour, Maybelline’s Brow Mascara for my eyebrows and LimeCrime Lipstick in Riot on my lips.


As you can see, the blush is barely visible but my face looks even but still natural. It does not look too harsh but still put together. The exposure might have washed it out but the blush really gave me a nice glow. I would have used the Benetint on my lips but at the time, I needed something with more color.


OVERALL, Benefit will probably be one of my to-go brands from now on. I love all the products so far. It’s just annoying because they’re kind of pricey. If you want to get started, you can get one of their kits to see if you want to keep on using them. Life of the Party is a good kit to start with but it is Limited Editon so get your hands on it now.

They also released a holiday kit with all their boxed powder shades in it.  I might get that soon if they haven’t run out yet just so I can try if the blushes there will give me more color.

What do you think? Are Benefit products worth the price? Do you have any recommendations? Comment down below!




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