BENEFIT Totally B.Right!


I’M BAAAAACK! I apologize if I have been MIA for so long. I’ve been kind of in a slump lately but I think I got my mojo back and I have a lot of stuff to share with you! First among them is the Benefit Totally B.RIGHT Kit.

I’ve been totally hooked on Benefit Cosmetics since I got that Life of the Party box last November. So far, I like all of their cosmetics (except for the 15-hour primer which was just like glue on my face) and have been fantasizing about their skin care line. They’re all high end in terms of price though (at least for me) so I was glad to have found this sort of mini kit that will let me try them all out first to see if they actually are worth it.


The Benefit Totally B.Right Radiant Skincare Set retails in my country for Php1400 or about $30. It has 6 products from their skin care line in cute travel sized packaging. You even get a clear pouch.




Specialist Instant Comeback Facial Serum (0.3oz)

This is majority of the reason why I want to try out their skin care line. I got a sample of this when I had a mini Benefit haul and fell in love. Its texture is like water to gel-like. I put this on after washing my face and cleaning with my toner at night. In the morning, my skin felt so smooth, soft, hydrated and tight. I would definitely recommend this.  The only thing I do not like about this is it’s packaging. It’s in a small bottle with a small mouth and that makes it difficult to get the products to dispense especially when there’s only a little amount left. The full sized one would cost Php2100 (about $42).


Cleanse Foamingly Clean Facial Wash (0.3oz)

The facial was is pretty much just that – a facial wash. I don’t know if this actually has benefits with prolonged use but it is more gentle than some in the market but not like my Kiehl’s or Clinique facial wash that makes me skin feel soft and supple instantly after washing.


Eyes It’s Potent! Eye Cream (0.1oz)

I’m really not sure about this. The texture is just oily and the amount inside the jar is so little. I might have gotten a bad stock of this but basically, I have no opinion. I don’t use this now because its… suspicious.



Moisturize Total Moisture Facial Crème (0.3oz)

OOOOOOH. I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS ONE TOOOO. It’s super thick and moisturizing but almost instantly gets absorbed by the skin as soon as you spread it out. It leaves the skin feeling so soft and supple. It doesn’t leave any greasy feeling too.


Moisturize Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Oil-Free SPF 15 PA++ (0.3oz)

This one is a pretty okay moisturizer. I like that it has SPF 15 but its moisturizing power isn’t as great as the Total Moisture Cream. It does gets absorbed by the skin nicely though and like the cream, does not leave any greasy feeling after application. Just like the Instant Comeback, I’m also not crazy about the packaging. More so for this moisturizer because it is a little creamy. To get any product, I have to tap the bottle on my hand like I would a ketchup.


Specialist Dream Screen SPF 45 PA++ Oil-Free (0.2z)

If you don’t like the smell of sunscreen and hate that sticky feeling, this one is for you! I really like this one. I only hoped they gave a bigger sample because this tiny bottle would probably last me 5 days if used daily. I haven’t tried this under my make up, but alone it feels really light weight. Like the moisturizer it gets absorbed by the skin immediately too and doesn’t feel like you have a film of tacky icky moisture on top of your skin.


All (AND I MEAN ALL) of these products smell really really really nice. It could be a plus for some (like me!) but it also might make others wary of the chemicals they might have put to get that wonderful scent. Personally I love them especially the Instant Comeback Serum, Total Moisture and Suncreen. I would get the fullsized one if they weren’t so darn expensive. It doesn’t irritate my skin and has been quite effective in giving instant results (except maybe for the It’s Potent! Eye Cream). I don’t know if they are only temporary. Maybe someone can attest to its long term effects.  I plan to bring this when I go to Japan next week. Let’s see how the moisture will last in Kyoto’s cold weather.


Instant results

Really really really nice scent

Moisturizers are easily absorbed by the skin


Bottle Packaging is inconvenient

Full sized ones are kind of expensive

I hope this was helpful! I have a few more reviews on Benefit products coming soon so watch out for that.

Thanks for reading!


The Fancy Panda

*NOTE: The lady in the Benefit Store also showed me a similar kit but it didn’t have the Instant Comeback Serum. Instead it had a toner. I don’t know if this kit is an old edition or they offer sets like that. Try visiting the Benefit Cosmetics Site here or visit your local stores if you’re interested in getting one.


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