KYOTO, Japan


*This post is long overdue. I couldn’t figure out how to write about it at first because we went to so many places and I took tons of photos. It was so hard to organize in my mind in a way that I feel you guys would appreciate.

This trip to Japan is extremely special to me because:

  1. It was my first time in Japan
  2. It was my first time to go abroad without family (I was with the boyfie <3)
  3. It was my first winter (well.. semi winter because we went there just as Spring was about to start) but I’m counting it as winter because I got to see snow! Yay!

I absolutely enjoyed my week in Japan despite the 10 degree weather. My hands and knees were literally shaking as we walked around the cities but the experience was definitely worth it.


We were able to explore sites in Kyoto and Osaka which I can only describe as picturesque and exciting. I love how many of the sites are  maintained by the government religiously so that the future generation will be able to appreciate their aesthetic, cultural and more importantly, their historical value.

Here are some of the photos I took in Kyoto.

The Panda and the boyfie by Fushimi Inari Temple

With Bamboo

We even chanced upon FIlipino Rockstar Bamboo




The Bamboo Forrest


Where’s Jeff? – In Okochi Sanso Villa

The Japanese were mostly kind and helpful, especially in Kyoto. Osaka was great too but there was definitely a more urban feel there than Kyoto.


Japanese Girls wearing the traditional kimono while they tour a temple




People would write their intentions on papers or wood and hang them like charms by the temple.


Hope this dude got in!


These deers can get pretty persuasive


In the Todaiji Temple, Nara. I wonder what these deers are meeting about


High Five!

Japan is full of everything adorable!


Sesame Ice Cream in a 10 degree C weather. Not a problem.

If you come during spring, do not miss the Sagano Romantic Train. It is basically an open train ride surrounded by nature. We went there when everything was covered in snow and it still looked pretty. I can only imagine how it would look like when the trees are full of colorful leaves.


Walking through the streets of Sannan zaka and Ninen zaka


Jeff taking photos of high school girls. Did you know that Japanese students actually get a day off to explore their city?




We also went to Gion and Pontocho but unfortunately my camera died on me. Here’s Jeff’s goPro though. We were able to see a Geisha riding a taxi!

The public transportation is commendable! There are lots of ways to go from one place to another but the train system will always be the best method because it is fast and it can basically take you anywhere you need to go with stations. Buses are convenient too! I almost always looked forward to train rides because they’re convenient, comfy and warm.

I’ll definitely post more about our trip this week. I have yet to tell you about their delicious food!


And I’ll share with you where to get the best tuna belly dish of your life!

Til next time!








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