OSAKA, Japan


The other half of our trip was spent in Osaka. The environment was very different but no less interesting.

We left Kyoto Hotel Monterey late afternoon, rode a train and arrived in Osaka Brighton Hotel after about 2 hours. We didn’t waste time and went immediately to Dotonbori! As expected, it was a very busy place with lots of interesting installments and decorations around.




Mandatory picture in Dotonbori’s iconic Running Man display.


So much foooooood.

Jeff’s sister recommended we try Pablo’s cheesecake. Looks like its really special because the line was so long and their special cakes were already out of stock! *I recently saw that Pablo will have a branch here in the Philippines at BGC. I’ll tell you more about this in a separate post. Japanese food is just too gooooood!


If Tokyo has Disneyland, Osaka has Universal Studios! I was really looking forward to this because of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In fact, we spent half of our time there inside the village! (I’ll also post a different blog about our whole day in Universal Studios Japan. Expect more photos!)


My eyes couldn’t handle the sun but believe me I was super excited :))



He would have been in Gryffindor. I think I would have been in Hufflepuff. LOL.



Butter beer!

Of course we went to the famous Osaka Castle. There were lots of dioramas inside showing the history of how Japan became unified as a country. And there were so many people inside and its not even peak season yet!


Osaka Castle

Our last stop which I would never want to miss was the Osaka Museum of Housing  and Living. It’s may be small but its a really interesting place to visit because its basically a life sized diorama to show visitors how life in old Osaka was like. You can enter ‘old houses’ and even play traditional games. There are also kimonos for rent to make the experience feel more authentic but at that time, we unfortunately would have to wait two more hours to get a kimono and we didn’t have that much time. I still enjoyed the environment nonetheless! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they even mimicked day time and night time inside the museum!


Old Osaka


I feel like Naruto is about to come out anytime soon


Japanese Girls in Kimonos

Our week in Japan went by so fast and I didn’t realize we had to go home already.

Pasalubong Suggestions:

ROYCE Chocolate! They are so much cheaper here! Almost half the price in my country! There are also lots of Matcha Products but because of its popularity, most of these products are available in my country already.

Would I want to visit Japan again? DEFINITELY! I would love to try the Sagano Romantic Train again in Spring time and hopefully see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Looking forward to a trip in Tokyo as well!

More photos to come! Should I post about food first? Or Universal Studios Japan?

Talk to you all soon!



Here’s a photo of a cool pack of dogs we came across during our trip. Too much fluffiness!!!!!!




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