Aunt Jen and Julpha Wedding, Rock Creek Gardens


I recently attended the wedding of my Aunt Jen and Julpha in Washington late May. I have to say, it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended. The venue could not have been more perfect for the rustic theme the couple was going for.

It was also the first non-denominational wedding I’ve attended so some rites were unfamiliar to me. However, I loved how sincere and simple the ceremony was. It showed raw love and devotion between the couple and incredible honest support from the family and friends who attended. And even though it was raining in the morning, the sky miraculously cleared up just right before the wedding was about to start. It was like the heavens were giving their blessing for the marriage.


Check out this custom Vera Wang gown. It’s so gorgeous!!!


The couple (Jen and Julpha)


This is Tita Julpha’s pretty daughter Julianne.

Friends and Family


They actually had a lot of ‘favors’ but I really liked this one.


Isn’t this kid adorable?


The couple with the minister.


Bridesmaid. Me after the ceremony. I absolutely loved the color of my gown.


There were lots of dancing and fun after the ceremonies. The food was great too! Most notable was the baked salmon. Unfortunately I have no photos of the food 😦 They even had a macaron tower (which I will attempt to make soon).


Their wedding cake was a four tier cake – two of which bear their written vows. To Infinity and Beyond indeed.

Overall, the wedding was such a blast. Everyone enjoyed the dancing, food and drinks served. It was a celebration of the love between two people who have found each other at the right time and place. With the support of their family, loved ones and friends, may their love for each other overcome all rough roads ahead and I wish them both a good life together.


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