Oddies, Hong Kong



One of the things I looked forward to during my first ever visit to Hong Kong was trying out their famous egg waffles (雞蛋仔) . I first saw it around  Times Square Mall for HKD20. It was more expensive than I thought it would be because it was streetfood, but I definitely enjoyed its crunchy-soft egg-y deliciousness. When I thought I wasn’t craving for it anymore, we accidentally came across Oddies after having lunch in Gough street (which is a must go to place for foodies. The restaurants there all look enticing!). We saw the photo of the egg waffles with gelato and we were sold!


The place was pretty small. It could fit in at most 20 people but the interior was bright and clean.





All their desserts were totally Instagram-worthy


Each one of these is around HKD80. Its pretty expensive but I think two people can share because its soooo big. I actually wasn’t able to finish mine even if I really wanted to eat more. Aside from the gelato and the waffle, it has layers of cone crumbs, passion fruit bits and custard.

*They do serve other desserts like Meringue Cookies or single/double scoop gelatos.


My egg waffle had black sesame mochi fillings while Jeff’s had chocolate crumbs.


This dessert definitely got my thumbs up. It’s a must try if you’re going to Hong Kong. I’m actually inspired to try and make eggettes at home now :))

Oddies is located at

45 Gough Street

Central, Hong Kong

Contact No.

9551 7972



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