Raging Bull Chophouse and Bar, BGC



Jeff and I have been together for 2 years and 3 months (officially) and although monthsaries aren’t as much of a milestone as anniversaries,it’s nice to keep on dating like the first time – not to mention it’s also a great excuse to stuff ourselves with great food. LOL.

We celebrated this month at The Raging Bull which is a steak house in the fairly new Shangri La at the Fort.

First thing you’ll see is the bar which is quite a bright space where you can choose to sit either on the tables or literally by the bar.



But further into the room, you’ll see the actual restaurant which is a little dimmer in lighting that definitely gives a more romantic but casual vibe.


For starters they offer complimentary sour bread with cute little whipped ends.


We skipped the salads and appetizers and went straight to soup.


Lobster Bisque (Php 450 ++). We avoided my favorite French Onion soup and opted for this bisque instead. It was very tasty but I felt like it lacked body which I was looking for given the price. There was barely any meat in it too – just one piece of scallop. LOL. It wasn’t bad, but it’s not something I’ll order again.


Jeff got this Double Boiled Beef Broth (Php340++) with Wagyu Tongue which was surprisingly tasty unlike the ones we’ve tried in Chef Jessie’s (at least for me). The best part of the soup was the bone marrow which was a bit charred (I’m guessing it was cooked in the Josper) and did not taste fatty at all.


That’s my mom right there who accompanied me during a fitting before we went to Raging Bull ❤

Before they serve the main meals, you get to choose your ‘weapon of choice’



This one was designed and signed by someone from Louis Vuitton

Each knife has an interesting name. I got the Assassin’s knife which was big and sharp. Perfect for the thick meat I was to have. hehe.


They also have a variety of salt and mustard should you wish to add more flavor to your steak.


I liked the tartness of the mustard in the upper middle. I forgot what they called it but it was perfect for me ❤ The ones on the upper left and lower right are both spicy.


Mama’s dish was the Grilled Atlantic Salmon Fillet (Php1,150++) for 300g. The meat was firm and moist while the skin was crispy. It could all be thanks to their Josper Oven which is basically a hybrid of a grill and an oven taking the heat at an all time constant high. It came with some veggies and half a lemon to use according to your preference. Mama liked it enough to finish the whole dish.


I had the 1824 Grain-Fed ,Queensland Tenderloin (tablesmoked) (Php 2,200++) in medium rare. It’s 250 grams of tender and juicy meat. I’m not sure what table smoked meant because it didn’t taste ‘smokey’ at all (or maybe that’s just because of my stuffy nose which has been bugging me the whole month already). They did this fancy presentation though where a little smoke came out when they took off the lid covering the dish. Maybe that was it. They have a few options for sauce too. I had the truffled mushrom sauce (basically mushroom sauce with just a tiny tinnie pinch of truffle).

No regrets though. This was a pretty good steak ❤


Jeff had the 1824 Grain-fed, Queensland (Php 3,100++) Ribeye in medium. At first glace it seemed small but this 350g chunk of luscious meat was more than enough to satiate Jeff’s hunger. It was an OK steak. It still was juicy and tender but the marbling of the fat wasn’t as remarkable as we thought given the price. He chose the Hunter Valley Wine Sauce which is what I would recommend over my truffled one.


As a siding we had the Duck fat Wedges (Php225++) which wasn’t bad except it was basically potato wedges. The duck fat part got us expecting a little foie gras but we should’ve known better since it was less than 250 Pesos. lol. No foie gras here everyone. The potato wedges were apparently “fried” in duck fat.

The place also serves bigger steaks. If you’re a big group you can opt for the Tomahawk which is over 1100g! To see the menu check it out here.

They have a separate menu for the bar in case you want to order some cocktails and other drinks. Their dessert selection was small but it looked interesting. However, we were too full to even think about it :)) I think we’re getting weak!

They give you free lollipops at the end ❤


We spotted Ms. Brazil Universe dining with a big group and got the chance to take a photo op with her. She was so charming ❤

Overall, I liked the vibe of the place. Its nice for a casual romantic date with your family, friends or your sweetheart. The staff is very approachable. They don’t hide or ignore you when you need them (*cough* manila peninsula*cough*).


*I had to use my phone’s camera because I left my Fujifilm XA2. Kudos to Samsung though because the camera was pretty good even in the dark.

for reservations, visit their website at https://www.ragingbullchophouse-fort.com/

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday (11:30am – 2:30am)

Saturday and Sunday (12:00nn – 3:00pm)


3rd Level, West Wing

Shangri-La at the Fort

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines



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