MAC Prep + Prime LIPS: Should you bother?


My lips are quite pigmented especially on the corners and it has been my insecurity for the longest time. It makes my lips look discolored and To cover this, I would just put concealer over my lips and make the canvass as even colored as possible but I found that this method makes my lips feel a little cakey.

That’s why I was so happy to discover the wonderful world of lip priming with MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base (Php1000).


I never knew about lip priming until I visited the MAC Counter in Shangri-La Plaza and told them about my concern. I was skeptical at first and thought they’re probably just giving me BS sales talk. I initially just got a lip pencil but the sales lady let me try the primer anyway. I was walking around the mall for a good 3 hours and I just couldn’t stop noticing how plump and comfy my lips felt. I noticed my lip color was still completely intact (normally it would have faded already) So I had to go back and get the primer and I’ve been using it regularly since then.


Just two swipes each on the bottom and upper lip is enough to significantly prolong the wear of any lippy, and yes, you can wear it under liquid lipsticks. It’s not going to stay on forever but it will be there just a little longer. And if you hate how tacky liquid lippies can feel, this will make it more comfortable.

They glide on better and the color transfers so well you’ll need less product to get the color you want as opposed to not wearing the primer. It doesn’t feel thick on the lips at all too, so that’s a plus. I haven’t tried it on with lip stains so I don’t know how that works yet.

My only issue with this is it runs out faster than a lipstick.

So.. should you bother? I would just for the extra length of time it gives my lippies ❤


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