Tian Tian Buddha, Lantau Island


Tian Tian Buddha, Ngong Ping

One of my favorite parts of our Hong Kong trip was visiting the Tian Tian Buddha in Ngong Ping. To see it we went to Lantau Island via the Ngong Ping 360 which is a 20 minute cable car ride from Tung Chung.


You can buy the tickets on-line so you can skip the cashier and save yourself some time but we got ours straight from there. Click here to see their official site for tickets and package tours in Ngong Ping.

Tip: When you visit Hong Kong, try not to schedule it on the same week as holidays because the waiting time for attractions will be loooooong. Also, expect lots of rude tourists. Don’t mind them.


They have different rates depending on what kind of cable car you wish to ride.  They have one with regular flooring which will let you see the view through windows or the “crystal” cable car where you can see what’s below you.


When you take the cable car, you will probably be seated with other tourists. I can’t remember if they have an option to go in a private one. This particular family I was beside with didn’t seem to mind us but the one’s beside Jeff were really funny because they were talking about us in Chinese and they thought Jeff wouldn’t understand. (They were guessing Jeff’s and my nationalities. LOL.)


However, if you don’t like heights, you can opt to go to Lantau Island via ferry or a bus which I think will take around 40 minutes.



There are lots of activities and tour sites in Ngong Ping Village but we weren’t able to go around much because we were pressed for time. Instead, we decided to just go up Tian Tian Buddha and visit the Po Lin Monastery.

Tian Tian Buddha (also known as Big Buddha) is a 250+ ton bronze statue that is visited by thousands of Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike each year.


This is one of the six ‘Devas’ surrounding the Buddha.


The view is great from the top. You can basically see the luscious greens surrounding the island. I don’t suggest Tian Tian Buddha though if you have fear of heights or wobbly feet because the stairs going there is pretty high – about 268 steps!np_templenp_prayer1

We were too tired to walk around but we did take photos near the Po Lin Monastery. It looked beautiful. There are areas where you can  light an incense (of any size) and make offerings too.

I would have loved to try other activities and see more sites but we had to go back for our dinner reservation and we were extremely tired. I would want to go back there if only for the fishing village.

Have you been to the Big Buddha? What’s your favorite activity there? 



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