Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa St.


Soru Izakaya, Maginhawa St. QC

It has been a long while since I’ve been in Maginhawa street. I remember going to Good Burger and Moonleaf for lunch back in college but the street wasn’t like it was before. I asked on Twitter if anyone can recommend a good place to start and ultimately we ended up in Soru Izakaya. 


They give you complimentary rice tea. A pretty nice serving of Miso Soup costs Php45++.

They put a little twist on the Tempura by using nori filled batter. It was Php240++ for 3 pieces.


I was pleasantly surprised with the Wagyu Cubes Teppan (Php440++). It was really soft and has that melt-in-your-mouth experience. It came with a side of veggies and garlic chips which really go well with the meat. This is definitely a must try.


This piece of art is the Kani Shuriken Maki (Php240++). The drawing is made of colored Japanese mayo which I think was a pretty cool way to present the dish. The maki itself was pretty good. They could have cut back on the crunchy bits though. I saw a different maki on the table beside ours and it was presented in the same way but with a different drawing so I guess they draw different stuff overtime (not that it would affect the taste or anything).


The Unaguro Aburi (Php280++) ,in the words of our waiter, was a different take on the sushi. They torch it instead of serving plain fresh with rice. The base was rice wrapped in nori and batter, then (I assume) was fried (carbs on carbs on carbs, yes I know). They don’t skimp on the salmon so that’s good.


The Seafood Duo Tartare (Php390++) wasn’t bad. I liked that the salmon and tuna was more diced than julienned (Home Economics gals you know it) but I would have loved a little more flavor. Jeff enjoyed it though.


Overall, we enjoyed our lunch at Soru Izakaya. The dishes were interesting and fun. I liked the effort that they put in the presentation because eating is as visual as it is gustatory.

The staff was really nice and friendly which is always a plus.

For dessert we had the Rising Sun Takoyaki (Php180). It was basically deep fried batter balls (pretty much like donut holes) with cream cheese, chocolate, strawberry, marshmallow and nuts.


I would love to come back and try out more restaurants in Maginhawa because there are so many choices! Do you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear from you 😀

Soru Izakaya is located at

140 Maginhawa Steet, Sikatuna Village

Quezon City

Contact No.

(02) 246 9069 ex. 904


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