Poke Bowl – I Choose You!


It was like sushi and bibimbap made love.

I discovered the poke bowl in Dean and Deluca. And although I swore never to eat rice again, the temptation was just too hard to resist. In fact, I am eating one right now as I’m typing this entry. It has everything I can possibly want – fresh sashimi, seaweed and veggies, sweet Japanese rice and a dash of spicy sauce.

Now let’s get one thing out of the way – its pronounced Poké with an e like Beyoncé (and the Anime Pokemon). And surprisingly, this did not originate from Japan. It’s actually a Hawaiian dish that means “cubed fish” – which is pretty much what you get in each bowl. It’s usually eaten over sushi rice.

Overtime, other versions have been made – like the torched eel with sesame seed in Sushi Nori which is quite delicious too. You can basically add anything to the bowl now, but the freshness of the raw fish is really just what draws me.

I’ve yet to try the ones from The Wholesome Table but I heard they’re pretty good too. Do you know any other places in Manila to get Poke Bowls?



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