MAC Prep + Prime LIPS: Should you bother?


My lips are quite pigmented especially on the corners and it has been my insecurity for the longest time. It makes my lips look discolored and To cover this, I would just put concealer over my lips and make the canvass as even colored as possible but I found that this method makes my lips feel a little cakey.

That’s why I was so happy to discover the wonderful world of lip priming with MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base (Php1000).

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Lime Crime Velvetines in Riot [REVIEW]


Liquid Matte lipsticks are all the rage nowadays (all thanks to King Kylie). Almost all cosmetic companies are coming up with their own version. I remember using a few from NYX, but now, some products claim to be smudge-proof. The most popular ones seem to be from Lime Crime and LA Splash.

Lipsticks are definitely my weapon of choice, especially when they’re in Red. So I’m exceptionally excited to finally try out my first (yes, first) smudge-proof liquid matte lipstick and it is one of Lime Crime’s most popular shades from their Velvetines Collection, RIOT.

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