Kyo-To, Makati


Kyo-To, Legazpi Village

The restaurant itself will probably not catch your attention, but Kyo-to is definitely not one to miss especially if you love Japanese food as much as I do. The only things loud about the place are the food and of course, the chef himself Chef Kawamoto who worked for no less than the Japanese ambassador.

They say it’s authentic Kaiseki Ryori (Japanese multi course meal) but I can’t judge because I’ve never been to one. All I know is that I left happy and satisfied and barely breathing. lol 😀

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Here’s another one for steak lovers out there! And for the romantics too! Jeff and I celebrated our first anniversary *squeals* last week at Sage Bespoke Grill in Shangri-La Makati. Before I get to the cheesy stuff, let me show you the food first ^__^ They have a nice selection of appetizers and steaks. They served a complimentary bread while we were waiting for our appetizers.

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