Incoco Nail Polish Appliques: Yay or Nay?


Incoco Nail Polish Applique

I can’t be the only one who can paint her nails perfectly on one hand and just completely mess up the other! It’s so frustrating because not everyone has the time to go to nail salons and frankly, visits can get pretty expensive especially if you like your nails bedazzled or you long for that perfect French Tip.

That’s why I’m so excited to see the first Incoco Store in Megamall!

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How To Use Bendy Foams (Heatless Curls)


Heatless curling methods are quite popular because it doesn’t damage hair as much as heat styling tools do. There are a number of ways to do this, but for today’s tutorial I’ll be using BENDY FOAMS!

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How to Fix Broken Make Up


I recently broke my favorite highlighter, which is the Mary-Lou Manizer from the Balm, and I was so annoyed because I haven’t even used it half way yet. I kept on using it like this for a while but it’s a little hassle to have to be extra careful when opening the case. Not to mention, the powder just gets everywhere. If this has ever happened to you… FRET NOT! I have found a way to get your make-up back to it’s NOT CRUMBLY state, and it’s easier than you think. *wink*

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